H.1 Process list

When requesting the process list, the annex field in the qXfer request should be processes. The returned data is an XML document. The formal syntax of this document is defined in gdb/features/osdata.dtd.

An example document is:

     <?xml version="1.0"?>
     <!DOCTYPE target SYSTEM "osdata.dtd">
     <osdata type="processes">
         <column name="pid">1</column>
         <column name="user">root</column>
         <column name="command">/sbin/init</column>
         <column name="cores">1,2,3</column>

Each item should include a column whose name is pid. The value of that column should identify the process on the target. The user and command columns are optional, and will be displayed by gdb. The cores column, if present, should contain a comma-separated list of cores that this process is running on. Target may provide additional columns, which gdb currently ignores.