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21.3.6 OpenRISC 1000

See OR1k Architecture document ( for more information about platform and commands.

target jtag jtag://host:port
Connects to remote JTAG server. JTAG remote server can be either an or1ksim or JTAG server, connected via parallel port to the board.

Example: target jtag jtag://localhost:9999

or1ksim command
If connected to or1ksim OpenRISC 1000 Architectural Simulator, proprietary commands can be executed.

info or1k spr
Displays spr groups.
info or1k spr group
info or1k spr groupno
Displays register names in selected group.
info or1k spr group register
info or1k spr register
info or1k spr groupno registerno
info or1k spr registerno
Shows information about specified spr register.

spr group register value
spr register value
spr groupno registerno value
spr registerno value
Writes value to specified spr register.

Some implementations of OpenRISC 1000 Architecture also have hardware trace. It is very similar to gdb trace, except it does not interfere with normal program execution and is thus much faster. Hardware breakpoints/watchpoint triggers can be set using:

Load effective address/data
Store effective address/data
Access effective address ($SEA or $LEA) or data ($SDATA/$LDATA)
Fetch data

When triggered, it can capture low level data, like: PC, LSEA, LDATA, SDATA, READSPR, WRITESPR, INSTR.

htrace commands:

hwatch conditional
Set hardware watchpoint on combination of Load/Store Effective Address(es) or Data. For example:

hwatch ($LEA == my_var) && ($LDATA < 50) || ($SEA == my_var) && ($SDATA >= 50)

hwatch ($LEA == my_var) && ($LDATA < 50) || ($SEA == my_var) && ($SDATA >= 50)

htrace info
Display information about current HW trace configuration.
htrace trigger conditional
Set starting criteria for HW trace.
htrace qualifier conditional
Set acquisition qualifier for HW trace.
htrace stop conditional
Set HW trace stopping criteria.
htrace record [data]*
Selects the data to be recorded, when qualifier is met and HW trace was triggered.
htrace enable
htrace disable
Enables/disables the HW trace.
htrace rewind [filename]
Clears currently recorded trace data.

If filename is specified, new trace file is made and any newly collected data will be written there.

htrace print [start [len]]
Prints trace buffer, using current record configuration.
htrace mode continuous
Set continuous trace mode.
htrace mode suspend
Set suspend trace mode.