13.1.7 Listing Tracepoints

info tracepoints [num]
Display information about the tracepoint num. If you don't specify a tracepoint number, displays information about all the tracepoints defined so far. The format is similar to that used for info breakpoints; in fact, info tracepoints is the same command, simply restricting itself to tracepoints.

A tracepoint's listing may include additional information specific to tracing:

  • its passcount as given by the passcount n command
          (gdb) info trace
          Num     Type           Disp Enb Address    What
          1       tracepoint     keep y   0x0804ab57 in foo() at main.cxx:7
                  while-stepping 20
                    collect globfoo, $regs
                  collect globfoo2
                  pass count 1200

This command can be abbreviated info tp.