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Specific data relocations can be generated by putting the relocation name in parentheses after the symbol name. For example:

             .word foo(TARGET1)

This will generate an R_ARM_TARGET1 relocation against the symbol foo. The following relocations are supported: GOT, GOTOFF, TARGET1, TARGET2, SBREL, TLSGD, TLSLDM, TLSLDO, GOTTPOFF and TPOFF.

For compatibility with older toolchains the assembler also accepts (PLT) after branch targets. This will generate the deprecated R_ARM_PLT32 relocation.

Relocations for MOVW and MOVT instructions can be generated by prefixing the value with #:lower16: and #:upper16 respectively. For example to load the 32-bit address of foo into r0:

             MOVW r0, #:lower16:foo
             MOVT r0, #:upper16:foo