eCos 2.0 Development CD-ROM

Warnings and Notes

  1. The CD-ROM contains the original eCos 2.0 release that was made back in 2003. Since then there have been a multitude of changes, additions and bug fixes to eCos. The only circumstance where we could possibly recommend purchasing the CD-ROM, is for developers who have limited internet connectivity, as the CD-ROM does contain full installable versions of the eCos development tools.
  2. The eCos 2.0 release is not eCosPro. eCosPro is the enhanced, tested and supported commercial version of eCos recommended and provided by eCosCentric. If you are looking for the free version of eCos, developers may download the latest eCos development tree through anonymous CVS access or the weekly snapshots hosted by eCosCentric.
  3. Technical and installation support is not included with the CD-ROM and is only available to those who have purchased Commercial Support.
  4. eCosCentric will provide the next public release of eCos on CD-ROM which will incorporate all the changes currently held in Anonymous CVS. This will be provided at a discount for those who have already purchased the eCos 2.0 CD-ROM.
  5. The Eclipse/CDT Integrated Development Environment, run-time support for certain architectures and platforms, and other enhancements are only available as part of the eCosPro® Developer's Kit. They are not contained on the eCos 2.0 CD-ROM nor within the public eCos distribution.

CD-ROM Contents

As a service to the eCos open source community, eCosCentric are distributing CD-ROMs containing the official eCos 2.0 release and associated tools for a small administrative fee. This release, dated 20 May 2003, was produced by the eCos maintainers and eCosCentric with contributions from the eCos community. The CD-ROM contains the full set of eCos and RedBoot sources (supporting a total of 74 target platforms), documentation, eCos configuration tool binaries and sources, Cygwin tools for Windows users and includes a complete set of GNU development tools complete with binaries and sources for all the major platforms. The CD-ROM offers easy installation of all components using familiar installation technologies specific to Windows and Linux hosts.

The architectures supported are:

  • arm-elf
  • i386-elf
  • mipsisa32-elf
  • mn10300-elf*
  • powerpc-eabi
  • sh-elf
  • v850-elf*

The pre-built tools include executable versions of the GNU development tools for both Windows and Linux hosts and include sources. This includes the gcc compiler, gdb debugger and binutils tools which are all required to build eCos, link with application code and undertake debugging. Some* tools are not available for download. Check the eCos web site for details.

The Linux tools were tested on recent versions of the Debian, Red Hat, and SuSE distributions for x86 and should work under most Linux variants. The Windows tools were tested on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 + SP6a, Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP. The tools have been used to build the eCos library, RedBoot and eCos tests on each of the major architectures.

The eCos distribution includes full support for configuration of eCos on both Windows and Linux platforms via both a graphical configuration tool and a command-line tool.

Windows users please note: Due to on-going problems with the Cygwin GNU tools when run under Windows 95/98/ME we are no longer testing eCos on these hosts. No major problems were found with the Cygwin GNU tools when run under on Windows NT4/2000/XP and eCosCentric advises developers to either switch to a recent version of Windows or to use Linux as the development host.

eCos 2.0 Development CD-ROM price: US $60 / UK £30 / €50
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